the making of the convive mobile espresso bar July 02 2014

The convive mobile espresso bar is ready to roll, literally.  As in roll on its cast iron wheels from an old railroad cart.  We found it in a sad state of disrepair, rusted and buried under dirt behind an antiques store.  While the wood was destroyed, the old lineberry cart hardware was exactly what we were looking for.  We took the hardware and started from the base up - reverse engineering to come up with the size of the cart, and then bar on top.  After a tad bit of wire brushing, sketching, painting, sanding, sawing, pondering, sand blasting, plumbing, and started to take form.  We tried to keep the look of the original cart base by using raw cedar for most of the construction. The pictures do a better job of telling the story...


Finished and outfitted with...

La Marzocco GS3 espresso machine

Compak K10 Fresh Grinder

3 Drink pour over coffee bar

Milk and ice storage

Additional Baratza grinders for decaf and/or back up

Bunn hot water heater

Hario Cold Brew Coffee Maker


Visiting catering on the main website menu above for more information or send us an email at for a custom quote for your event!



Taste of Saint Augustine 2014 - convive coffee espresso bar April 03 2014

Coming this April 26th, convive coffee roastery will be part of the 2014 Taste of Saint Augustine!  Please come check out our both and taste the best coffee convive has to offer.  Even more than drip coffee, we will be previewing our mobile Espresso Bar.  Yes, thats right - a fully transportable espresso bar.  The TOStA is an annual event held to benefit EPIC Behavioral Healthcare.  Please check them out and find information about the event here.  Many of St. Augustine's finest restaurants and specialty food venders will be at the Taste this year.  

While our espresso bar is still in the works, you can expect fresh brewed espresso, cold brew coffee, milk based drinks, and traditional drip brewed coffee.  All of these tasty beverages will start with fresh roasted convive coffee!  After the event, the convive espresso bar will be available for catering at weddings and other social gatherings.  Coffee always brings people together!

Location - St Augustine Amphitheater

Time - 12-7 pm

the making of the mugs November 14 2013

Introducing: Operation Mug.

For enthusiastic coffee drinkers like ourselves, having a great mug is an essential part of the experience. Convive's new signature mugs met several qualifications to earn the honor of starting your day. We were looking for style, hand-hugging form, insulation, and practicality so that you could indulge in you favorite cup of Convive coffee. The cherry on top? They are dishwasher safe! 

{naked mugs}

{lead-free natural pigment logo decals}

{ready to get fired!}

{oh man, that's hot}

{ta-da! ready for a kitchen cabinet, coffee table, or office desk near you)


More on the decals: The logo decals are lead free ceramic decals.  They are fired at over 1500 degrees, and the natural colors fuse right into the original glaze while the logo base burns off.  This makes them entirely food and dishwasher safe - even with the drip inside the mug.  Enjoy!



buy 2 bags and get free shipping November 13 2013

You might love great coffee, but greatly dislike paying for shipping.  Problem solved - it's on us.  This may be forever, we don't know yet.  As of right now, get free shipping on your ENTIRE order when you buy 2 or more bags of coffee.  Discount will be automatically applied in your cart.

a sweet new grinder October 09 2013

We are proud to announce that convive will be selling compak grinders.  They are based out of New Jersey and manufacture a full line of quality commercial and home use coffee grinders.  Convive just received shipment of a k-8 fresh and we cranked it up in the DOS cafe today.  The espresso shots are awesome!  With the built in timed dosing, we are pulling shots between 24-26 seconds and dosing at 19 grams.  The grinder is from their "fresh" series, so there is no doser and each individual shot is ground through 83mm ceramic burrs directly into the portafilter.  YES, you read that correct, fresh ground espresso every time and less than 10 seconds from whole bean to shot pulling!  The shots are full of an almost fluffy crema, bright acidity, and smooth chocolate finish.  Stop by DOS to taste our espresso at the best it has ever pulled, and if you've never tried espresso then give it a shot or two!


two new coffees October 07 2013

New coffees into the roastery this week! Uganda Rwenzururu and Columbia Excelso Caldono. We are still working on the roast profiles (how to best roast each coffee from start to finish) but the results are great so far. Uganda is a smaller producer of coffee, however exporting a interesting variety. The Rwenzururu has a medium body and what can only be described as tangy background fruit flavors. This will probably be taken to a medium/dark roast. The Caldono is a classic, tasting just like a great columbian coffee would. This will be roasted a little darker than medium, and with that will appear sweet chocolate with cherry on top! Look for these coffees to be offered on the website soon!