the making of the mugs November 14 2013

Introducing: Operation Mug.

For enthusiastic coffee drinkers like ourselves, having a great mug is an essential part of the experience. Convive's new signature mugs met several qualifications to earn the honor of starting your day. We were looking for style, hand-hugging form, insulation, and practicality so that you could indulge in you favorite cup of Convive coffee. The cherry on top? They are dishwasher safe! 

{naked mugs}

{lead-free natural pigment logo decals}

{ready to get fired!}

{oh man, that's hot}

{ta-da! ready for a kitchen cabinet, coffee table, or office desk near you)


More on the decals: The logo decals are lead free ceramic decals.  They are fired at over 1500 degrees, and the natural colors fuse right into the original glaze while the logo base burns off.  This makes them entirely food and dishwasher safe - even with the drip inside the mug.  Enjoy!