the making of the convive mobile espresso bar July 02 2014

The convive mobile espresso bar is ready to roll, literally.  As in roll on its cast iron wheels from an old railroad cart.  We found it in a sad state of disrepair, rusted and buried under dirt behind an antiques store.  While the wood was destroyed, the old lineberry cart hardware was exactly what we were looking for.  We took the hardware and started from the base up - reverse engineering to come up with the size of the cart, and then bar on top.  After a tad bit of wire brushing, sketching, painting, sanding, sawing, pondering, sand blasting, plumbing, and started to take form.  We tried to keep the look of the original cart base by using raw cedar for most of the construction. The pictures do a better job of telling the story...


Finished and outfitted with...

La Marzocco GS3 espresso machine

Compak K10 Fresh Grinder

3 Drink pour over coffee bar

Milk and ice storage

Additional Baratza grinders for decaf and/or back up

Bunn hot water heater

Hario Cold Brew Coffee Maker


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