a sweet new grinder October 09 2013

We are proud to announce that convive will be selling compak grinders.  They are based out of New Jersey and manufacture a full line of quality commercial and home use coffee grinders.  Convive just received shipment of a k-8 fresh and we cranked it up in the DOS cafe today.  The espresso shots are awesome!  With the built in timed dosing, we are pulling shots between 24-26 seconds and dosing at 19 grams.  The grinder is from their "fresh" series, so there is no doser and each individual shot is ground through 83mm ceramic burrs directly into the portafilter.  YES, you read that correct, fresh ground espresso every time and less than 10 seconds from whole bean to shot pulling!  The shots are full of an almost fluffy crema, bright acidity, and smooth chocolate finish.  Stop by DOS to taste our espresso at the best it has ever pulled, and if you've never tried espresso then give it a shot or two!