convive coffee roastery

Fresh roasted coffee from around the World. Some moments in life call for a toast. That's where convive coffee meets your cup. Our coffee is made for celebrations, big and small. From greeting a new day to once-in-a-lifetime events, every season has a reason to convive. Globally selected and small batch roasted, we strive to encourage the flavor of the natural bean.

Here at convive, we love good coffee and all the great things that go with it.  We like it so much that our "about" page could go on for quite a while.  So real quickly...

Founded early 2013, Convive Coffee Roastery is a continuing journey for great coffee.  Our roastmaster is Ryland Weber, with a passion for coffee and community.  He has been involved in the specialty coffee industry for around ten years.  Almost half of that time has been with a roaster at hand, and a espresso machine, french press, vacuum pot, or other coffee brewing device at the other hand.  Our machine is a Deidrich IR2.5, with closely watched and tailored five pound batches being what we roast.  We find the best coffees from respectable and accountable importers, roast them many ways to find what you might like best, and then deliver it fresh.  And yes, we drink a lot of coffee too.